Use of Bicycle Borrow Information System

Bicycles are one of the uses of vehicles without emissions or Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV). This campus bicycle program is one of the indicators in the transportation team in the international scale university ranking system with the theme of environmental sustainability or commonly called the UI Green Metric . In practice, the procedure for borrowing bicycles on campus still uses the manual method, namely by showing identity cards for employees, lecturers, staff, students and the entire campus academic community. This method is considered less effective if the number of borrowers exceeds the capacity of the existing number of bicycles. And it is also considered less efficient if the time to borrow or use a bicycle is too long, causing queues for the number of bicycles to borrow. Seeing these problems, it is necessary to have an online reservation system for borrowing bicycles so as not to cause long queues for using or borrowing bicycles. In 2021, IT Telkom Jakarta has created an online reservation system for borrowing bicycles in the application android Green Metric IT Telkom Jakarta .

Figure 1 Menu of the bicycle loan system on the Green Metric IT Telkom Jakarta android application

How it works system loan bicycle the only with click the loan menu IT Telkom Jakarta bike , then will an online loan formula appears bicycle Green Metric IT Telkom which only can accessed use e-mail . With existence system information this could facilitate the IT Telkom Jakarta academic community in borrow bicycle as well as could seen traffic and graphics loan bicycle every day . System information this can also add points in indicator transportation team especially 5.10 points i.e. average amount Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) on campus per day . in the future system information this could developed Becomes a system information with database integrated good shaped desktop , website nor mobile ( android or mobile apps ).

Figure 2 Form loan On line Bicycle Green Metric IT Telkom Jakarta





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