Rice Field in the Morning of Jogjakarta

Thursday, 28 July 2022

On a cool morning, opening the ‘gate’ at the beginning of the balcony for activities after relaxing the tiredness of last night. Starting with a new spirit with the morning view depicted that the rice has turned yellow, as if it called “harvest me, harvest me …”

Today, tomorrow and the next welcome with either happiness or burden is an everyday ’s choice. A wise man once said, “a good idea will take care of you in the morning, but a great idea will do it better all night.

From another quote, although when we are tired of working, we are lucky because we do not have to worry about finding a job. Many other people out there are tired of looking for a job.

Remember, when we struggle, our parents and the whole family members do not stop their prayings for our safety and success.

It is to remind that the intention to earn a living is a part of worship and it is a necessity. Every sweat drop that comes out of the skin pores is of the skin is a reward from God. One of the sins that Allah forgives is because we are tired of working.

We don’t have to be great to start, but we have to start to be great. “Don’t be afraid to fall because it is the one who never climbs who never falls.” -Buya Hamka-

Sweet tea is a trigger for self-relaxation which is followed by breakfast. The balcony door opened slowly, showing the painting of the sky. The wide of the rice fields, revealing to your conscience. When asking Mr. Farmer who harvested rice this Saturday “why did you not place a ‘scarecrow’ in your farming land?

He said, it’s okay for them to eat my rice (rats, birds and others), more or less we need to accept it. We and animals are similar to look for food. His answered really made me small. This was I started my day.

It’s the second day of UIGM Workshop on Infrastructure Groupwork and Environmental Campus at UII Yogyakarta, with the theme: Green Campus as a Sustainable Environmental Implementation.

Numerous text messages and several phone calls accompanied the first and second days of the workshop, with deadlines awaiting to completion.

It does not mean I don’t care but this is temporary routine taking me to divert my ‘financial-logistics’ world. This is my morning, hoping tomorrow and beyond will be getting and better.






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