Friday, 25 march 2022 was the first day of UI Greenmetric team representatives of IT Telkom Jakarta to visit Telkom University (our big brother) located in Jalan Telekomunikasi No.1 Terusan Buahbatu-Bojongsoang, Sukapura, Kecamatan Dayeuhkolot, Bandung, West Java 40257.

We thanked to God that the journey started after shubuh praying with one break at KM 72 rest area ran smoothly.

As we know that Greenmetric is one of the University of Indonesia’s programs which assesses the higher educations’ commitments and actions towards reforestation and environmentally sustainability. The ranks then would be based on the members’ concerns on six criteria with eighty-two indicators in 2021 that includes;

  1. Land Setting and Infrastructure; various building settings of university towards green environments,
  2. Energy and Climate Change; the university’s attention to energy use, alternative energy, and climate change issues.
  3. Waste; the waste treatment and recycle in the university
  4. Water; the university’s program to save the water use
  5. Transportation; the university’s program for eco-friendly transportation.

Education; the roles of university in fostering a green generation through education, research, and any supporting activities.

The visit attended with serious but relaxed atmosphere was welcomed by Mr. Taufan Umbara, The Director of Logistics and Assests and Mr. Aris Hartaman (The Head of Logistics and Assets), both are from Telkom university. Meanwhile, the visitors from IT Telkom Jakarta were Mr. Agus Achmad Suhendra (The Rector), Mr. Daduk Merdika Mansur (Vice Chancellor II), Mrs. Husna Rahmi (The Head of HR, Finance, and Logistics), Mr. Ahmad Fauzi Maryadi (The Head of Logistics Unit), Ms. Syifa Nurgaida Yutia (The Head expertise of Data Computing and Design), Ms. Dwina Satrinia (The Lecturer of Informatics), and Mr. Reza Ramadhani Firman (The lecturer of Visual Communication Design).

In addition to the best practices for implementing UI Greenmetric in 2021, IT Telkom Jakarta was also given an opportunity to tour the Greenhouse area of Tel-U, accompanied by Mr. Aris. We toured around the Tel-U by kiddie ride (odong-odong) 🙏🏻😁.

Six of Tel-U assessment indicators with a solid team consisting of the lecturers and Academic Supporting Personnel (TPA) as well as sufficient financial supports that are hopefully able to be a valuable input for IT Telkom Jakarta






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