Water is the source of life. We often hear that the earth is called the blue planet because water covers 3/4 of the earth’s surface. On the other hand, it is likely to have difficulty getting clean water, especially during the dry season when old water changes color and have bad smell. Even if a water source that we have, such as coming from the well, it becomes cloudy, dirty, or bad smell. However, such water can be turned into clean water that is fit for use.

There are many simple ways that we can use to receive clean water. One of the most common ways is to create a water filter that can simply purify the water. However, it should be noted that the hygienic water obtained according to a simple water filtration process cannot completely remove the dissolved salts in the water.



  • 3 containers such as; barrels, drums, buckets or plastic cans or bottles. They serve as settling container, filtering container, and one for clean water container.
  • River stone
  • Palm fibre
  • Fine sand
  • Coconut shell charcoal
  • Zeolite stone
  • Gravel
  • Small stones

The Process:

  1. Prepare the first container. It helps to settle the dirt in the water.
  2. Place a river stone under this container to facilitate the sedimentation process.
  3. Next, under the first tank, make a second tank which will help filter the water that comes out of the settling tank.
  4. In the second container (filter), put the composition of the ingredients that have been prepared previously. Sorted from the bottom. They consist of a layer of small stones (15 cm), a layer of gravel (10 cm), and a layer of charcoal with coconut shells 15 cm (for charcoal, increase the thickness to further reduce the odour, Next, Add a layer of zeolite stone to the bottom) .
  5. If facing serious problem in the depth, add a layer of fine sand with a thickness of 20 cm, another layer of palm fibre with a thickness of 20 cm, fine sand with a thickness of 15 cm, and 15 cm thick layer of backing fibre palm at last. From this top layer, pour water from the settling tank.
  6. After that, the water that comes out of the bottom layer of the filter tank is sent to the third tank, which functions as the filtered clean water tank. Finally, this collection container is placed directly under the filter container.





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