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What is UI Greenmetric?

The UI GreenMetric World University Ranking is an initiative of Universitas Indonesia which is being launched in 2010. As part of its strategy of raising its international standing, the University hosted an International Conference on World University Rankings on 16 April 2009. It invited a number of experts on world university rankings such as Isidro Aguillo (Webometrics), Angela Yung-Chi Hou (HEEACT), and Alex Usher (Educational Policy Canada). It was clear from the discussions that current criteria being used to rank universities were not giving credit to those that were making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and thus help combat global climate change. We were aware that a number of top world universities, for example Harvard, Chicago, Copenhagen have been taking steps to manage and improve their sustainability. There are also cooperative efforts among groups of universities. A grading system which includes information on sustainability at 300 universities exists under the title the United States Green Report Card.

ITTelkom Jakarta Road to UI Greenmetric 2021

After we change the form of the institution from Akademi Telkom Jakarta (Telkom Academy Jakarta) to Institut Teknologi Telkom Jakarta/ITTJ (Telkom Institute of Technology Jakarta), we plan to be included in the UI Greenmetric 2021 ranking.

This year theme “Universities, UI GreenMetric and SDGs in the Time of Pandemic” focus on universities sustainability programs and policies based on UI GreenMetric and SDGs while coping with Covid-19 pandemic.

We are trying to collect data about the Environment, Economy and Equity. Furthermore, these aspects are used as indicators and weights to measure sustainability policies and programs at Institut Teknologi Telkom Jakarta.

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