Transportation (TR)

Transportation (TR)

The total number of vehicles (cars and motorcycles) divided by total campus' population

Details Number of Vehicles in The Campus

Details Number of Campus Population


Total number of vehicles in the campus =  27

Total number of campus population = 606

Total number of vehicles divided by total campus population

= 27/606

=  0.0446

Shuttle Services


Due to the small campus area (campus A=9,236 m2 + campus B=1,332 m2), the shuttle service was not possible within the campus.

Zero Emission Vehicles


We Have a Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) Policy on Campus.  We have 5 bikes to ride for free.

Ratio of Parking Area to Total Campus Area

Ratio of Parking Area to Total Campus Area A (ITTJ, Indonesia)
Main Campus Area A (ITTJ, Indonesia)


ITTJ consists of two campus areas, Campus A (9,236 m2 ) and Campus B (1,332 m2 ). Main campus is the total sum of Campus A and Campus B.

Total main campus area: Campus A+Campus B = 9,236 m2   + 1,332 m

Total main campus area = 10,568 m2

Total parking area = 1161.25m2 

Ratio = 10,98

Ratio of Parking Area to Total Campus Area B (ITTJ, Indonesia)
Main Campus Area B (ITTJ, Indonesia)


The parking area of ITTelkom Jakarta was decreased by car-free days and free rent bicycle programs. It was proved by the following calculation:

Percentage decrease in parking area      

= ((Parking area of campus A in 2020 – Parking area of campus A in 2021) / Parking area of campus A in 2020) x 100%

= ((677m2 – 671.5 m2 )/ 677 m2) x 100%

= (5.5 m2 )/ 677 m2) x 100%

= 0.812%

Free Ride Bicycle

Transportation program designed to limit or decrease the parking area on campus for the last 3 years (from 2017 to 2019)

Parking Area

Pedestrian Path Policy on Campus



  1. Pedestrian path outdoor is equipped with a sign of a person walking, the sign indicates that the road is for pedestrians.
  2. Indoor pedestrian path is equipped with a no-run sign; the sign indicates that it should not run in the corridors of the building because it endangers other pedestrians.

Indoor pedestrian path equipped with handrails so as not to slip when walking.

Kawasan IT Telkom Jakarta

Total Area (m²)
Area Hijau (m²)
Area Parkir (m²)