Setting & Infrastructure (SI)

Number Of Campus Sites

Description :

Institut Teknologi Teknik Telekomunikasi (IT Telkom Jakarta) is a transformation of the Akademi Telkom Sandhy Putra Jakarta, which was transformed on 02 June 2021 based on the Decree of the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Number 232/E/O/2021. This educational institution is previously organized by Yayasan Sandhykara Putra Telkom (YSPT); however, in 2015, a merger between YSPT and Yayasan Pendidikan Telkom (YPT) was granted by the Notarial Deed (Tedy Triadi, S.H., No. 1, 10 July 2015) and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia (No. AHU-AH.01.06-1899, 10 December 2015). 18 years as a servant in education have been making us focus and aware of the quality of the human resource as an output/outcome and society and its environment.

IT Telkom Jakarta has 2 different campus sites. Campus A located in front of the provincial road in Daan Mogot street, KM. 11, Jakarta Barat 11710, DKI Jakarta and Campus B located in Jl. Halimun Raya No.2, RT.15/RW.6, Guntur, Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12980. Industrial and residential areas also surrounded the campus. Furthermore, in the north part of campus A, there is the Java sea. The flood blocked access to campus every year, particularly every wet season. Therefore, noise pollution, gas and particulate emissions, underground water pollution, and natural disasters should be addressed properly.

IT Telkom Jakarta campus was situated in front of the provincial road in Daan Mogot street, KM. 11, Jakarta Barat 11710, DKI Jakarta. The campus was also surrounded by industrial and residential areas. Furthermore, in the north part of the campus, there is the Java sea. Increasing sea level due to climate change, in contrast to decreasing land level, have been registering in our internal risk evaluation. Every year, particularly every wet season, access to campus was blocked by the flood. Therefore, noise pollution, gas and particulate emission, underground water pollution, and natural disasters should be addressed properly. We then are following UI GreenMetric in 2019 to measure our preparedness for internal and external factors for the sustainable growth of our institution in the (near) future.

Campuss Settings


IT Telkom Jakarta (ITTJ) main campus (Campus A & B) is located in the city center and surrounded by industrial and residential areas which are located in Cengkareng (Campus A) and Setiabudi (Campus B) District, Jakarta. The district Cengkareng has a total area of 26,54 km² and a total population of 601.156, whereas Setiabudi District has a total area of 8,85 km² and a total population of 140,985. It means a high population density of 22,651 inhabitants per km² for Cengkareng District and 15,931 inhabitants per km² for the Setiabudi District.

Total Campus Area (meter2)


Total area: (Campus A) 9238 m2 + (Campus B) 1332 m2  = 10.568 m2

Total distance/circumference: (Campus A) 427 m + (Campus B) 153 m  = 580 m

Description :

Total Campus Building (m²)

The ratio of open space to total area.


Ratio of open space towards total area: 82%

Figure 1 is campus A, and the open space area is in between the white line and red line is about 7913 m2

Figure 2 is campus B, where the area in the yellow line is an open space 731 m2

Total Area on Campus Covered in Forest Vegetation (meter2)


Total area: 1763.04 m2

Total distance/circumference: 274.31 m

Percentage: 17%

Total area on campus covered in planted vegetation (meter2)


Total planted vegetation area: 1240 m2

Total Area: 9649 m2

Percentage area: 12%

Total area on campus for water absorption besides the forest and planted vegetation (meter2)


Total water absorption area: 5642 m2

Percentage area: 53%

University budget for sustainability effort (in US Dollars)

Description :

The average percentage university budget for our university is 30%

Percentage of operation and maintenance activities during Covid-19 pandemic

Campus facilities for disable, special needs and or maternity care

Description :

  1. Disabled parking for disabled people to park their car which located at the nearest space bulding
  2. Accessible toilet for disabled people Accessible road to disabled enter the campus 

Security and Safety Facilities

Description :

  1. 22 CCTV point in Halimun Campus & 16 CCTV point in Daan Mogot Campus
  2. 8 Fire Extinguisher at Halimun Campus
  3. Smoke Detector in sever room (Daan mogot Campus
  4. Smoke Detector in server room (Halimun Campus)
  5. 9 Fire Extinguisher at Daan Mogot Campus
  6. Professional Trained Security Officer (PT Trengginas Jaya)


Health Infrastructure Facilities

Description :

Health facilities in ITTJ :

  1. First Aid Box is provided and easily accessed by students, staff, and academics.
  2. One unit of ambulance car is provided for all campus members including students, staff and academics
  3. One healthcare room is provided for all students, staff and academics.
  4. Cooperation with Puskesmas Kecamatan Cengkareng for medical quick response and covid-19 counseling

Conservation: plant, animal, and wildlife, genetic resources for food and agriculture secured in either medium or long-term conservation facilities

Description :

IT Telkom Jakarta has 2 hydroponic installations: hydroponics with a DFT system located on Campus A Daan Mogot and has 80 planting holes. Meanwhile, on-campus B Halimun placed an NFT hydroponic system that has 120 planting holes. This hydroponics installation is used for growing lettuce and for seeding is once a month. In addition to conservation, this hydroponic installation is also used for Internet of Things research.

Kawasan IT Telkom Jakarta

Total Area (m²)
Area Hijau (m²)
Area Parkir (m²)