Energy and Climate Change (EC)

Rasio produksi energi solar panel dibagi total penggunaan energi per tahun

Description :

  • Penggunaan Listrik dalam Satu Tahun (Total KWH) di Kampus Daan Mogot Institut Teknologi Telkom Jakarta adalah 64754 KWH
  • Solar Panel : 100 WP, Baterai 50AH

= ( Total penggunaan KwH Solar panel 100 WP pertahun / total penggunaan energi per tahun ) x 100%

= ( 365 KwH / 64754 KwH) x 100 %

= 0,56 %

Greenhouse gas emission reduction program


  • Solar Panel : 100 WP, Baterai 50AH

Berapa jumlah Jejak Karbon Fakultas anda selama 12 bulan terakhir (dalam metrik ton) Contoh Jejak Karbon

Jumlah program inovatif selama pandemi Covid-19


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategy carried out in providing health protocol facilities in the campus environment was by providing hand sanitizer providers and automatic body temperature measurement. Body temperature measurement is needed to detect the temperature of students or employees on campus before entering the campus environment with a maximum temperature limit of 28̊C. If the temperature is above the threshold value then people are not allowed to enter the campus area. Automatic hand sanitizers are installed at several points in the campus area to make it easier for a person to wash their hands. These tools use an automatic system so that they do not require physical contact on the body part of the person who will take the temperature measurement or wash their hands.

Question [4.5] = Total Number of FacilitiesTotal Number of Building

Question [4.5] = 8686x 100%= 81.39 %

Smoke Detector

Kawasan IT Telkom Jakarta

Total Area (m²)
Area Hijau (m²)
Area Parkir (m²)