Energy and Climate Change (EC)

Smart Building Implementation

Renewable Energy Sources in Campus

(Please describe the renewable energy sources on your campus. The following is an example of the description. You can describe more related items if needed.)

At this moment, our campus facilities did not use renewable energi sources. However, we initiated hidroponic system using solar panel through matching grant with another education institution in this quartal. We hope, in the near future, we can use as much as we can to use renewable energi such as solar panel. We have blue print to deploy this system particularly for outdoor lamp.

The ratio of renewable energy production divided by total energy usage per year


We have no implementation yet regarding renewable energi sources compared to the conventional electrical energy. We try to accomodate this policy but need more financial resources. From now, management enrgy is best choice to see the fluctuation of electrical energi usage and how civitas academica behaviour to use other appliances in our campus. Better knowing these activities is suitable for us to determine proper policies in the near future.

Elements of Green Building Implementation as Reflected in All Construction and Renovation Policies


We have surrounding by excellent environment in total area of almost 10.000 m2. As we described in Section 1 – Setting and Infrastructure, and the total population in our campus, we can manage even use traditional approach. Because we would like to change our strategy and focus to several field, we consider for better approach in the near future. Thermal, light intensity, and air quality inside/outside room should reflect in our policies. In this year, we have matching grant with another institution. One of the program is to reduce gas and particulate emission from open residential-waste burning. Paralel with this program, we monitor the concentrations of pollutants inside room and outdoor due to several contribution of local air pollution. We hope this first program can enhance and improve in others related activities.

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