Gesits electric scooter . Photo: WMA dock
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The Development of Electric Motors in Indonesia

Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) where the engine driving a conventional car was replaced with an electric motor-powered drive. In 2005 the results of the research from LIPI were submitted to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudoyono . The results of research by LIPI from 2005 to 2013 include retrofitting conventional cars into electric minibuses and electric sedans, city hybrid electric cars. car , electric micro bus , and electric executive meeting car . The role of several companies in developing electric vehicles in Indonesia began in 2005, such as the Yohanta electric motorcycle produced in Surabaya. In 2007, Betrix electric motorcycle, which is a collaboration with Japan and Taiwan to produce electric motorcycles using domestic components as well as imported components .

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is accelerating the development program for the conversion of motorcycles powered by fuel oil (BBM) into electric motorcycles. The cost of this conversion program is IDR 10 million per unit. To accelerate the implementation of the Battery Electric Vehicle (KBLBB) program, the government itself targets 13 million electric vehicles and 2.2 million electric vehicles by 2030. The introduction of electric motorcycles and electric vehicles on a large scale has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by 6 million kiloliters per year and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7.23 million tons of CO2 equivalent.

It looks like the government will jump right into PHEV, but the manufacturers are waiting for the ecosystem to be declared ready. From the road map in Permen Perin No 27 of 2020, it is explained that in fact for the short term the market already exists and pure production is carried out in Indonesia. It is targeted that by 2023, 40% of the local content must be in Indonesia, so that there is added value for components, at least the assembly and this is expected to supply Government Feed and Government Fleet which is quite large, especially for motorcycle armana .

Regarding motorcycles, currently there are manufacturers such as Viar and Gesit s which are said to meet the government’s needs, but online motorcycle taxi and taxi companies are also expected to be promoted, and are expected to switch soon. According to data from the Ministry of Industry , it is reported that there are 15 companies for electric motorcycles. From there, it can be concluded that motorbikes are the most realistic because they can be charged at home.

Gesits electric motorbike at the State Palace, Wednesday (11/7/2018). Photo: courtesy
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Technology used in vehicles _ powerful electricity

  1. System Driving Electric

Driving electric (electric drive) is a something fields that cover all form use of electric motor as source energy mechanic . A system driving electric consist of electric motors , converters power , and device regulator .

2. Technology Battery

Battery is a cell where’s the electricity in it?  a reversible electrochemical process takes place  opposite ) with its high efficiency . Reaction reversible electrochemistry is inside _ battery could conversion process in progress chemical Becomes power electricity ( discharging process ) and vice versa . Based on the process that occurs type battery shared to be the primary battery is battery only _ could used  very just like zinc-carbon batteries ( zinc-carbon ), alkaline (alkali) batteries , lithium batteries, and silver oxide batteries . Secondary battery is battery that can used and filled repeat several times like lithium ion battery (Li-ion), lithium polymer battery (Li-Po), lead acid battery ( Accu ), dry cell battery, graphene battery .

3. Converter Power

Converter power is something Suite electronics working power _ for change system voltage of the appropriate magnitude and frequency with motorcycle needs for reach condition operation . Topology converter used _ is converter one level with H-bridge configuration .

4. Controller

Controller is working device _ for controlling electric motor so that achieved desired condition _ user . Device controller this can implemented in a device called industrial control for apps that don’t need response fast and accurate . On devices that require specification tall need device based settings _ processor signal .

5. Brushless Direct Current Motor

A brushless direct current (BLDC) motor is a synchronous motor where magnetic field in the rotor and stator turn the same frequency . Principle BLDC motor work is with style pull Among two magnets with the same pole .

Construction of a BLDC motor consists of of the stator which is a permanent magnet and the rotor is winding email wire so that magnetic poles can changed depends polarity current given rotor winding .


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The Development of Electric Motors in Indonesia Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) where the engine driving a conventional car was replaced with an electric motor-powered drive.

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