Efficiency Vehicle Motorized in the Environment Campus ITTelkom Jakarta

Competency of UI Green Metric 2022 will be quick organized . ITTelkom Jakarta will also contribute in competence international this . Category to be included competence is one is Transportation . On the team transportation this there are 17 indicators related assessment _ with transportation . All Indicator refers to transportation what only there is environment campus and types the transportation . In 2022 team _ transportation planning related programs indicator vehicle existing car / motorcycle environment campus . Our planned program is system parking information on campus A ITTelkom Jakarta , because until moment this recording vehicle in and out held manually by security officers.

System Information parking is one _ proposal services provided _ to the ITTELKOM JAKARTA academic community as a program designed for limit or reduce parking areas on campus . Service this expected could support reduction program use vehicle motorized personal so that the emission gas produced could minimized . System This parking information is also useful for limit outgoing vehicle _ enter the environment ITTelkom Jakarta due to availability the place limited parking . _ System this parking information have feature take notes incoming and outgoing vehicles _ using the QR code scanning system . The second feature that is related report outgoing vehicle _ enter every day for increase security , features report this can too served per day , per month as well as per year . Plan implementation System Parking ‘s information will placed at the security post for The QR code and there is application desktop based for manage data.

Reference: https://greenmetric.ui.ac.id/




The Development of Electric Motors in Indonesia Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) where the engine driving a conventional car was replaced with an electric motor-powered drive.

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