In 2022, information related to electric cars has increasingly spread on social media and the public, so it’s no wonder the demand is starting to increase. Presence car Electricity actually provides various conveniences, one of which is charging which is quite easy and can be done anywhere, including at home. The advantage of this electric car, of course, is that it saves fuel oil, right, what has changed is electric power.

if we talk about the electric power used as fuel for our electric car at home, then what do we need to pay attention to if we want to charge the electric car at home? You should pay attention to the following things before buying an electric car, right?

Portable charger and Wall charger, usually there are several car manufacturers that provide this package if we buy an electric car. With these two objects, we don’t have to bother looking for a Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station (SPKLU). Just park in the garage and plug it in. It looks that easy, but there are some things that electric car owners must pay attention to before charging their car at home. Especially when using a wall charger that is attached directly to the wall of the house.

If you talk about portable chargers, you want to use 12A charging, it is recommended that the remaining electrical power at home should be around 2,640 Watts. So if we have electricity with a capacity of 3,500 Watts, make sure there are still 2,640 Watts left. If you want to use a portable charger, a portable charger can of course be taken anywhere and used anywhere as long as it can accommodate the required power. Unfortunately, the charging time from 0 percent to 100 percent can take from 14.5 hours to 21 hours.

In contrast to portable chargers, wall chargers must be installed first at home, later installation will be assisted by technicians. However, as a wall charger, the power required is even greater. wall charging requires 7,200 Watts of power to charge optimally. It could be that the wall charger power is set to lower, but charging becomes less than optimal and is the same as charging using a portable charger.

The wall charging output can be set lower but it won’t be optimal, charging takes longer too. A little information, charging wall charging at home from 0 percent to 100 percent only takes 5-6 hours. The electric car will also automatically cut off the current when the battery is fully charged, perhaps with 7,200 watts of power so that it can be charged for 5-6 hours. Seeing that the power required is quite large, of course it is recommended to add more power than what is required by wall charging, so that the needs at home can still run. If you don’t want to add, PLN offers a new power connection that can adapt to the needs of wall charging. Referring to PLN’s official statement, customers can connect new power of 7,700 VA in 1 phase so that they can focus on using wall charging only. Well, that’s how to have an electric car charging at home. Although the power required is quite large, charging is easier and there is no need to bother looking for SPKLU first.





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