Car Free Day at Campus

Car Free Day is a movement for lower dependency Public to vehicle motorized. This movement started from awareness world population regarding danger global warming and its importance subtraction emission ingredient burn in the world. It is one of the programs launched by the team UI Green Metric ITTelkom Jakarta transportation. This program is very supportive of the maintenance program environment . Car free day at ITTelkom Jakarta is a program with an event to minimize vehicle motorized in area campus.

Car free day on campus this done on the day Friday, where is the academic community use transportation general going to location campus B (Jl. Halimun Raya No.2, RT.15/RW.6, Guntur, Kecamatan Setiabudi, South Jakarta City, Special Region The capital city of Jakarta 12980). This program is support program initiation UI Green Metric (Zero Emission Vehicle) indicator. Besides program initiation is also available tool transportation in the form of bike that can used on campus. Following is picture tool transportation in the form of bicycle and land parking campus B.




The Development of Electric Motors in Indonesia Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) where the engine driving a conventional car was replaced with an electric motor-powered drive.

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